Bjørn Joachimsen. (©Torger Grytå)

Bjørn Joachimsen

Born and raised on the coast of northern Norway and I am strongly connected to the sea, the coastal mountains, fjords and the shores of Norway.

One of my major concerns is to explore and visualize the shapes – or architecture – of nature created from the ice age until our time. The artwork and beauty of nature itself and the power of water, ice and time. Such hidden gems are often threatened by human intervention. As a photographer I will show the uniqueness and beauty of what nature had to work for thousands of years to create. By conveying the beauty through photographs I will show my audience the value of such places on this earth.

I graduated in history, sociology and social anthropology. Hence there is no surprise that I´m devoted to time and  the relation between people and landscape in my photographic works. I often find myself photographing at desolate, remote and mystic places and subjects far north.

Shapes and lines catch my eye and my imagination. Light and form is as important to me as any other element of photography. The negative space is often just as important as the subject.

I work mostly with black and white photos and large format camera as my primary tool. All recordings are made with classic photographic film in large format to ensure technical perfection. This approach relates to the birth and history of photographic history and my effort is to achieve a sense of value disconnected from the moment of capture.

Apart from my own works and projects, I also work with assignments for clients within business and administration.

I also find it meaningful to share my experiences, insights and skills within photography, and give a lot of lectures, workshops and courses. Nothing is kept secret, I share everything I know and think about photography.

There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.
— Ansel Adams

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