©Bjørn Joachimsen

©Bjørn Joachimsen

Berlin UrbX 2018 Large Format Photography Workshop

I invite large format photographers from all over the world to join this visual exploration of Berlin during three days in July 2018. We will work slowly together at several interesting areas and spots for photography and create imagery of urban landscapes and city life. [Berlin, July 25–28, 2018]

During this workshop you will get an opportunity to challenge your own creativity and technique when working with large format camera. 

Level: Intermediate. You have to know the basic operation of your camera and some years of photographic experience. Basic concepts within composition should be familiar to you.


  • To create a workspace for enthusiastic large format photographers whose ambition is to improve their creative skills.
  • To inspire you to work even better with lines, light and space in photography.

What to expect: You will meet a dedicated photographer and instructor that shares all of his photographic knowledge from sunrise to sunset and beyond.
What I expect: You are an enthusiastic student that involves and shares in the group of participants. You have a genuine will to improve your artistic skills within photography.

Practical information

Place: Berlin

Dates: July 25.–28, 2018. The workshop starts at 4 PM on July 25.

Instructor: Bjørn Joachimsen - www.joachimsenphotography.com

Workshop language: English


  • €375. Includes tuition. Travel, accommodation, meals, photographic materials and processing must be covered by participants themselves. 


  • Participants must book and pay travel themselves.


Please e-mail me immediately to register for the workshop – bjorn.joachimsen@mac.com