Lotus View Camera Ambassador

Lotus 8x10" View Camera.

I´m proud to announce the cooperation agreement between Lotus View Camera and Fotograf Bjørn Joachimsen. This means that I will be an official ambassador of the excellent Lotus View Camera, built by Günter Stroebele, Austria.

Lotus View Camera represent the finest workmanship within camera manufacturing today. All cameras are built by hand from the finest materials. Strobele builds cameras and accessories for large format photography with film formats ranging from 4x5" to 14x17".

From 2017 I will offer workshops within large format photography in Norway and participants will have the oppurtunity to try a Lotus 8x10" camera during these workshops. The first workshop takes place in Norway with the master photographer Bruce Barnbaum. Click here for more information about the Bruce Barnbaum Norway Workshop in Láhko National Park in 2017.

The second workshop will take place in Vesterålen, Norway in october 2017. Click here fore more information about large format photography workshop in Norway.

I´m working on scheduling a workshop in Austria in 2018.

Read more about the excellent Lotus View Cameras: http://www.lotusviewcamera.at/